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In Kandahar – ceremony in memory of Second Lieutenant Sonei

A military and religious ceremony in memory of Second Lieutenant Narcis Sonei was held April 27 in the afternoon in the 300th Infantry Battalion camp in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Major General Jason Kamiya, Commander, CJTF 76, Brigade General Nicolae Roman, Chief of Staff of the 2nd Joint Operational Command, Colonel Kevin C. Owens, Commander, 173rd Airborne Brigade, and Romanian and American officers participated in this ceremony.

“Narcis Sonei paid with his life here, on this land crumbled by wars and terror, far away from home, for the most precious values: peace and freedom. In a moment, his dreams disappeared and his hopes of a better life vanished. We are certain his sacrifice will not be in vain.” said Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Soci in his farewell speech.

According to the Christian traditions, the Romanian military will stay the night with their colleague, Second Lieutenant Narcis Sonei.

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