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"FALCONS OF CARPATHIANS" the 812th Infantry Battalion deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan developed this week the operation coded "THUNDER OF CARPATHIANS''. Its aim was to project a rapid reaction force along the highway traversing Afghanistan from East to West and to exploit the information on the existence in the area of some hiding-places for Al-Qaeda and taliban elements.

The Romanians conceived and led the entire operation. The Battalion made a terrestrial assault convoy consisting in combat sub-units, support and supply sub-units totaling 180 military, 19 armored vehicles and 12 tracks.

As supporting forces the convoy also consisted in American sub-units (elements of leading the cooperation with the aviation, elements of reconnaissance, engineering, Military Police, civilian affairs, PSYOPS, combat camera, public affairs, interpreters) totaling 50 military and 16 vehicles. The Dutch Military Forces' F-16 planes and the helicopters APACHE assured the air support.

The reshuffle of forces was a 500 km wheeled march, by night in reduced visibility due especially to the excessive dust. It was a precarious state of ways.

The military used infrared equipment and GPS indispensable for operation in mountainous areas in order to perform the missions. PANTHER stations and satellite communication installations assured the communications.

Three types of "VILLAGE TEAM" missions were performed on the way for helping the population with food, clothes and footwear and for informing the population on the Romanian and American presence.

Complexes of caves previously located by PREDATOR planes were discovered. Romanian and American specialized engineering forces explored the terrain and the access ways for checking the existence of mines.

The assault elements of the terrestrial convoy searched and destroyed the complexes of caves in order not to be used by terrorist elements existing in the area.

Major Dorin Blaiu, commander of this detachment led the forces for conquering in a short time the highest hills of the Red Mountain (2700 m) in a very heavy route. In the same time the special teams performed the searching missions in the neighboring localities in order to get armament, ammunition, explosives and certain hostile militants.

The "THUNDER OF CARPATHIONS" operation was performed simultaneously with the fulfillment of the main missions of the Romanian Battalion in Kandahar, i e. security of the airport and security of the area of the own operations. The American partners appreciated once again the professionalism of the Romanian military and the success of this mission.

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