Defence Intelligence General Directorate



The Defence Intelligence General Directorate is in charge with collecting, processing, checking, stocking and making use of the data concerning the risk factors and domestic and foreign threats, whether military and non-military, that can infringe on our national security from the military standpoint; DIGD coordinates the implementation of the counterintelligence measures and the co-operation with the other national intelligence structures/services, as well as with the ones pertaining to the international alliances, coalitions and organizations that Romania is member of; DIGD ensures the protection of the national, NATO and European Union’s classified information at the level of the Ministry of Defence.

The DIGD personnel carry out their activity, whether overtly or undercover, according to the national security military requirements.

The Defence Intelligence General Directorate can coordinate combat structures when collecting information in the theatres of operations or fighting terrorism.

The Defence Intelligence General Directorate is headed by a Director General, active-duty military. The Director General is appointed by the minister of defence, with the approval of the Homeland Defence Supreme Council. The Director General position is equivalent to state secretary.

Certain equipment and specific goods are procured from local or international partners, according to law.





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