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MoND leadership – regretting the Corporal Bogdan Hancu pass away

MoND leadership is expressing the regret for the Corporal Bogadan Hancu pass away in mission in Iraq and is supporting the mourning family.

By order of the minister of National Defense the Corporal was made Second Lieutenant post mortem. The MoND will take all the necessary measures for the support of the family in such difficult moments.

The Ministry of National Defense express the regret for the human loss suffered by the Italian partners.

The missions the Romanian armed forces fulfill in the theaters of operations imply the risks the soldiers voluntarily assume. The Ministry of National Defense appreciate the Romanian soldiers devotion and professionalism in fulfilling their missions according to the engagements our country assumed and is supporting them in all the circumstances. Their protection further will be one of our major concern.

Our soldiers act in Iraq for giving the people the chance to freely choose their democratic future. We, in Romania can appreciate very well the difficulties the Iraqi people have and this is why it is important for us to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq.

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Actualizare: 12.12.2018