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Atanasiu: Romania is in favor of strengthening the EU role in the Western Balkans

“ We express our support for implementation of the suggestions the Austrian presidency made on strengthening the EU role on reform of the sector of security in the Western Balkans” stated in Brussels, the minister of National Defense, Teodor Atanasiu.

Atanasiu mentioned the fact that Romania will continue to be an active presence within ALTHEA operation in the Western Balkans and to contribute to the increase of the European defense capacity supporting the process of operationalization of the two tactical combat groups in 2007 and 2010. “ The improve of cooperation between the different EU actors in the crisis management operations will contribute to the increase of cohesion in implementing the response to the crisis” added Atanasiu.

In the perspective of the forthcoming adhesion of Romania to the European Union, Atanasiu expressed the interest our country has in the evolutions within the European Defense Agency and mentioned the fact that the Ministry of National Defense is analyzing the implication in the program of investments in research and technology.

Minister Teodor Atanasiu participates in the Reunion of the Council of General Affairs and Foreign Relations with the ministers of Defense from the EU states; the Reunion first part was dedicated to the debates on the activity of the European Defense Agency, the increase of the EU military capability and the EUFOR operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Atanasiu expressed his satisfaction for the fact that Romania was included in all the stages of the process of planning of the EU military capacity.

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Actualizare: 20.02.2019