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Missile fired during the “LITORAL 06” exercise

“LITORAL 06” exercise is organized between May 22 and 26, 2006 in the Romanian national waters with participation of 19 ships, two mobile launching installations, two IAR 330 Puma helicopters and one MiG 21 LanceR plane of the Romanian Air Force and about 2,400 soldiers.

The exercise is organized by the Flotilla Command and aims the improving of training of the participant structures in planning and leading the real operations of launching the navy missiles.

there the missile firing from the beach and the combat ships will occur Wednesday, May 24, 2006. The firings will be made from the sea (“Marasesti” frigate and “Pescarusul” missile carrier ship) and from Capu Midia shooting field (a mobile launching installation).

Characteristics of “Marasesti” frigate: displacement-5,790 tons; length- width- draught: 144.6 x14.8x 7; propulsion: 4 Diesel engines; 32,000 HP; speed- 27 knots; crew – 270; armament – ship-to-ship missiles: 8 pieces type SS-N-2C (Styx) with 80 km range, guns:2 x AK726 (76 mm caliber), twins; 4xAK 630M (30 mm caliber), torpedoes 6 (533mm caliber), reactive grenades 2 x RBU 6000.

“Pescarusul” missile carrier, TARANTUL class can launch four ship-to-ship missiles. Characteristics of the ship: displacement: 455tons, length x width x draught:56.1 x11.5 x3.58; propulsion: two gas turbines, 16.016HP (11.77MW); speed: 45 knots; crew: 60 sailors; armament: 4 SS-N-2C Styx missiles (twins), one 76mm gun and two AK 630M (30 mm). The mobile launching installation can storage two missiles identical to those on board of the mentioned ships. After the launch, the missiles can guide themselves up to the impact with the target.

The mobile launching installation is build from a four wheels vehicle with a total weight of 40 tons, a length of 14 meters and 7 meters in height in combat position. The mobile installation has two depots for launching the missiles, identical in type and characteristics with those of the above mentioned ships. The crew of the installation consists in 5 soldiers ( 1 officer and 4 NCOs).

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