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The name of the military killed in action today in Afghanistan is Corporal Ionel Gheorghiță DRĂGUȘANU, 38, commissioned to the 341st Infantry Battalion, in Topraisar, since 2001. He was married, with one child.

The corporal was in the first of a four APC convoy on a patrol mission. At about 0300 hrs a.m. (Romania’s time), the vehicle crossed over an improvised explosive device, some 20 km away from Kandahar. Following the explosion, corporal Dragusanu was killed and other four military were wounded.

The wounded, one of which in a critical condition, were transported to the Canadian field hospital in Kandahar Base, where they received first medical aid.

The MoD leadership regrets this tragic accident and expresses deep condolences to corporal Ionel Gheorghiță DRĂGUȘANU’s family faced with such painful moments.

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Actualizare: 20.02.2019