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“BASARAB I” Military School, from Pitesti, celebrating 10 years of existence

The ceremony occasioned by the celebration of 10 years of existence will occur Tuesday, August 1, starting 11.00 hours, at the “BASARAB I” Military School for WOs and NCOs from Pitesti. A military and religious ceremony, the handing over of the School identification flag, demonstrative exercises and the uncover of an anniversary plaque will be dedicated to this event.

“BASARAB I” Military School is the only post high school institution of the Romanian Army training and educating the WOs and NCOs from the Ministry of National Defense, other institutions from the system of national security, defense and public order and from other countries based on a protocol of cooperation.

The WOs and NCOs represent a professionalized category of personnel, continuing the military values and traditions of the Romanian people and embodying the military fighter and specialist able to lead, train and motivate the subordinated personnel for their missions.

The Guide of the military career defines the career of WOs and NCOs. They will start their activity as combat NCOs or specialists after that they could become administration NCOs, staff NCOs or technical. The NCOs are military leaders able to lead and train their subordinates, able to impose and maintain the training and behavior standards, able to take care of their subordinates and maintain their equipment.

Due to the trusted missions, and professionalism and their number, the NCOs represent the “vertebral column” of the Romanian Armed Forces. The “BASARAB I” Military School graduates proved their special training during their participation in missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans where they rapidly integrated in the units they acted.

The School continues the military traditions and the legacy of other military institutions. In 1960, the present headquarter of the School was the Military School for Tank and Moto NCOs joining the NCOs schools from Targoviste, Mizil and Craiova garrisons.

In 1974 the name of the School was changed in “BASARAB I” WOs and NCOs Military School and in 1987 started to act under the subordination of the “MIHAI VITEAZU” Military School for Tank and Moto Officers, training the moto officers, WOs and NCOs.

In 1991 the School was transformed in “BASARAB I” Moto Military Institute and on August 1,1996 it was established as the Military School for WOs and NCOs for the Army. In 2000 the name is once again changed as the Military School for WOs and NCOs of the Army and in 2004 it received the honoring name “BASARAB I”.

Details Major Eng. Catalin DRAGOMIR.
Phone: 0248/215900, extension 112 or 0744848300.

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