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SEESIM 06 – the biggest simulation exercise in the South East of Europe

Within the regional initiative “Process of Reunion of Defense Ministers from the South Eastern Europe” (SEDM) at the Center of Training by Simulation of the Romanian General Staff, Bucharest and in the capital of the former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Skopje, the “SEESIM 06”, the simulation exercises developed between November 8 and 17, 2006.

A cell of response from each of the SEDM members (Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, former Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine) and a SEEBRIG cell are participating in. The novelty is that the elements of the Center of Principal Control of the exercise are in two locations, Bucharest and Skopje.

The created situations will be solved by about 130 specialists and for the “solve” of crises and civil emergency they co-opted the representatives of the international organizations from the UN Office of Co-ordination of Humanitarian Relieves (UNCHA), the Euro-Atlantic Center of Co-ordination for the Disasters (EADRCC), the International Organization of the Red Cross (IFRC), the Regional Center of Assistance, Implementation, Check and Control of Armaments (RACVIAC).

The scenario is based on a series of natural disasters in the states from the region, especially in the former Republic of Macedonia (earthquakes) and Romania ( floods). The social unbalances appear due to these calamities and the destabilizing and terrorist elements appear in the entire region.
The Romanian specialists from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Administration and Internal, the Romanian Intelligence Service and other governmental and non governmental institutions participated in the planning of the exercise.

SEESIM 06 will contribute to the increase of the national and regional proceedings of cooperation, coordination and mutual assistance between the SEDM countries in case of disasters.

The Day of Distinguished Visitors will occur in Bucharest, November 16. Details can be offered by Major Florin Jipa, phone 0723 642 149.

The Distributed Simulation Network from the South East of Europe (SEESIMNET) is one of the projects of the Regional Initiative “The Process of Reunions of Defense Ministers from the South East of Europe” (SEDM). The SEESIMNET project was launched in 2000 by the United States during the Reunion of the Deputy Ministers of Defense from SEDM member states, in Athens. The declared aim of this project is according to SEDM general aim, i.e. to contribute in promotion of cooperation, co-ordination and interoperability between the member states and to effectively use the other SEDM instruments (SEEBRIG, the Engineering Group, the Group of military specialists for the support of the Initiative of Non-Proliferation of Mass Destruction Weapons, the Security of Borders and Countering the terrorism) using the computer assisted modeling and simulation.

During the SEDM Ministerial Reunion, December 2000 (Thessalonik, Greece) the Ministers of Defense decided the SEESIMNET to be an element of integration of the other SEDM initiatives based on a series of simulation exercises distributed among the member states of the initiative.

This occasion, the Ministers of Defense decided the first simulation CAX type exercise, generally called SEESIM, a demonstrative one, to start in 2001, with a two years planning cycle (2001-02) based on a scenario of an operation of intervention in case of civil emergency. The organization of such types of exercises is voluntarily made by the SEDM member states, by rotation.

The first distributed simulation exercise “SEESIM 02” occurred in Greece, December 9 and 19, 2002.The scenario was based on a series of natural disasters, earthquakes, in the host country. Observing the principles of distributed simulation, the exercise locations have been established in seven SEDM member states and the SEEBRIG Command. The United States ensured conceptually and technically the demonstrative exercise and Italy participated as observer.

The organization of the second exercise “SEESIM 04” was assumed by Turkey and was developed in November 2004. Based on the lessons learned from the first exercise from SEESIM series and due to the increasing interest of the member states, the “SEESIM 04” was characterized by a more complex scenario that included a terrorist component through very precise training aims and the complexity of participation. Thus, besides the MoDs structures, the member states also included in the exercise other national institutions in charge with non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons, security of borders and fight against terrorism.

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