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Romanian-French common training

30 Romanian and 30 French military specialized in mountain actions trained in common during the exercises developed last week in the two states.

Thus, the military from the 33rd Mountain Troops of the 2nd Brigade “Sarmisegetusa” participated in Chambery in the activities developed by the French part. The training of the French military from the 13th Mountain Infantry Battalion together with the Romanian Mountain Troops took place in Diham and Cheile Rasnoavei area.

The main aim of the program was the increase of the ability for the Romanian and the French military specially for military actions in the mountain region in hard environment and temperature. This occasion they had an exchange of experience in techniques of climbing, first aid and move of the wounded persons in the mountain area and the survival techniques.

“ We are very impressed about the quality of the training of the military and the opportunity offered by this activity in promoting the cooperation between the two countries” stated the Ambassador of France in Bucharest, his excellency Herve Bolot, who was present in Brasov county in the training in common of the Romanian and French military.

The French Ambassador visited the 21st Mountain Troops Battalion, in Predeal where he became aware of this unit organization, training, armament, equipment.

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