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Festivity of graduation at the Navy Academy “Mircea cel Batran”

Defense Minister, Teodor Melescanu and the Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Ph.D. Gheorghe Marin will participate Saturday, July 28, in the festivity of graduation of Navy and Civilian Marine officers of the Navy Academy “Mircea cel Batran” and the promotion of the Navy Military School “Amiral Ion Murgescu” in Constanta.

In the ceremony occurring at 10 a.m. on the Navy Academy plateau are invited to participate the representatives of the MoD leadership, civil officials, representatives of the associations of military in reserve and retreat, relatives and friends.

The School of Flotilla was established in Galati in 1872 and represented the first step towards the institutionalization of adequate forms of forming the staff for the Navy and the connection of the Navy education to the requirements of the social practice and national education.
The idea to establish a high school appeared in 1909 and thus the Navy Superior School occurred in Constanta. In August 1973 they have established the Navy Institute “Mircea cel Batran” to be transformed in1990 into the Navy Academy “Mircea cel Batran”, an institution of education and training of the engineer officers for the Navy and the Trade Marine. According to ISO 9001/2000 on the quality management they certified the Faculty of Civil Marine.
This year, 43 students have graduated the Faculty of Navy, 133 students graduated the Faculty of Civil Marine and 48 students graduated the Romanian Navy Military School of NCOs “Amiral Ion Murgescu”.

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