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The Romanian-American military cooperation is increasing in information and public relations, too. Chief of Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Colonel Ph.D. Ion Petrescu had today, August 16, a meeting with the Defense attaché of the United States of America, Colonel Ph.D. Barbara Kuennecke. This occasion, they approached the practical issues of public relations promotion by the specialized structures of the two military bodies.

Chief of the Directorate of Information and Public Relations informed the US partner on the project of the internal communication improvement within the Romanian Armed Forces by using the US expertise, too, i.e. “American Forces Network” after a documentation the Romanian specialists in public communication will have at an AFN studio in Europe.

Colonel Ph.D. Barbara Kuennecke saluted this initiative as a benefit for the increasing of cooperation between the Romanian and American experts, and considered the activity of information as a correct one, in time and continuously, for the successful missions the professionals from the two armed forces is trusted with.

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