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“BOLD AVENGER 2007” Air Exercise

The Air Force Staff participates for the second time with a detachment of the 95th Bacau Air Base, between August 28 and September 16, in “BOLD AVENGER 2007” air exercise on Oerland airdrome, Norway.

The Romanian detachment commanded by Commander Florin Maniga from the Principal Air Operational Command is made of 43 military and 3 MiG 21 LanceR planes.

During the exercise they will have defense and air interdiction missions, ground attack and air support missions, the neutralize of the air defense with base on the ground, command and control elements based on the ground and air platforms and the re-fuelling during the fly.

“BOLD AVERENGER 2007” aims to train the crews in as real as possible conditions or NATO Response Force, deployment and operation from the Forward Operation Bases and the increase of interoperability.

More then 1300 military from 12 NATO member states are participating in this exercise.

The Romanian Detachment will leave after the military ceremony occurring August 27, at 12.30 a.m. on the 95th Bacau Air Base.

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