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Awards of the Military Review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca”

The National Awards Ceremony of the Military Review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca” (Romanian Military Thinking) – publication edited by the Romania General Staff – was held in the Aula of the MoD headquarters, on April 8.
In the opening of the ceremony, the Romanian Defence Minister Teodor Melescanu awarded certificates of excellence of the military review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca” to the Romanian President Traian Basescu for outstanding merits in asserting Romania’s geopolitical and geo-strategic role within the greater Black Sea region, and to the Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu for the support given to the Romanian Armed Forces to fulfill the Allied commitments.
The Deputy Chief of the Romanian General Staff, Lieutenant General Mihail ORZEATA handed over, on behalf of the Romanian Chief of the General Staff, the following awards for distinguished published material in 2007:
- The Award “General de divizie Stefan Falcoianu” to Air Fleet General Laurentiu SIMIONESCU for the work “The helicopters IAR-330 in combat and stability actions”;
- The Award “General de brigada Constantin Hirjeu” to the Colonel Teodoru STEFAN and Lieutenant Cristian BARNA for the work “the Globalization of the asymmetric threats”;
- The Award “Maresal Alexandru Averescu” to Major General Ioan CIUPEI for the work “Romania’s collective Defence: Romanian Armed Forces contribution to multinational joint operations and to the collective defence effort of the North-Atlantic Alliance”;
- The Award “General de corp de armata Ioan Sichitiu” to Ms. Alexandra SARCINSHI for the work “Vulnerability, risk and threat. The psychological and social features of the security”;
- The Award “Locotenent-colonel Mircea Tomescu” to Lieutenant Colonel Valentin DRAGOMIRESCU for the work “The leading of the military actions in the modern war era”.
The Deputy Chief of the General Staff also handed over to the Colonel Costinel PETRACHE, the editor in chief of the military review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca”, an honour plaquette for his entire editorial activity.
The Military Review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca” (the Romanian Military Thinking) continues the tradition started by the publication “Romania Militara” (the Military Romania) edited by the Romanian General Staff since 1864.

The National Awards of the military Review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca” is an institutional way to value the works of military science and theory. The most valuable works are yearly awarded for their contribution to the enrichment of the national military theory and science thesaurus. The awards bear the names of some top personalities of the Romanian military thinking: „General de divizie Stefan Falcoianu”, „General de brigada Constantin Hirjeu”, „Maresal Alexandru Averescu”, „General de corp de armata Ioan Sichitiu”, „Locotenent-colonel Mircea Tomescu”. The competition is open to all authors whose scientific activity points to national defence and security issues from the geopolitical and geo-strategic perspective. The first edition of the National Awards of the military review “Gandirea Militara Romaneasca” took place in 1999.

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