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“Regele Ferdinand” frigate- returns home

“Regele Ferdinand” frigate had ended its missions within “Active Endeavour” operation and will return Wednesday, November 26, at 1 p.m. in Constanta military port.
This is the Romanian Navy fourth participation in NATO led missions in the Mediterranean Sea.
The frigate, with a crew of 203 sailors was commanded by Commander Marin Savulescu.
The receive ceremony will occur Wednesday, November 26 in Constanta military berth.

Friday, September 19, “Regele Ferdinand” frigate left Constanta military port to participate in the naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and in “Active Endeavour” operation. The frigate participated between September 24 and October 10 in “Noble Midas 08” exercise. It was evaluated and certified on NATO second level-interoperability by a team from the maritime command compound CCMAR Naples and between October 10 and November 13 it participated in ”Active Endeavour” operation with very good results. The mission in the Mediterranean Sea ended with an official visit in Haifa port between October 14 and 19, being the first Romanian military ship with a stop in this Israeli port.
“Active Endeavour” ( is a NATO led and initiated operation to discourage the terrorist actions. The NATO military conception to counter the terrorism, among other, foresees the use of the “Active Endeavour” operational force in survey and control actions on the Mediterranean navigation passages.
The characteristics of the 221st “Regele Ferdinand” frigate are: displacement-4,900 tons; length-148.2 m; width-14.75m; max.draught-6.4m; speed-30 knots; autonomy-4.500 maritime miles; propulsion-4 Rolls Royce turbines; power supply- 1 MW 4 diesel generators.

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