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Evgheny Marciuk minister of Defence of Republic of Ukraine will pay an official visit in Romania between March 16 and 17, 04 invited by Ioan Mircea Pascu minister of National Defence of Romania.

The talks will be focused on the perspectives of the bilateral military relations, reform and restructure of the Armed Forces of the two countries and the Romanian expertise in defence planning. They will also analyze the evolutions of the North Atlantic Alliance after the Prague Summit and the partnership between NATO and Ukraine.

Also, they will discuss the political military state in the Balkans and the Black Sea region and the stage of the regional initiatives TISA and BLACKSEAFOR. The two officials will have an exchange of information on the participation to the peace-support missions and counter-terrorism missions.

The Ukrainian minister of Defence will be received by the President of Romania, the Prime Minister, at the Commission of Defence, Public Order and National Security from the Chamber of Deputies and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegation will visit a mounting troops unit and will see the equipment of this unit and will watch a demonstrative exercise performed by the military of this unit.

Tuesday, March 16, 04 at 12.30 hours the two ministers will have a press declaration at the MoND HQ.

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