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On the Land Forces Day, the Romanian militaries received medals in Camp Phoenix from Kabul

The ceremony of awards of medals to the Romanian militaries with special merits in missions in Afghanistan within ANA Training XI Detachment occurred in Camp Phoenix from Kabul, on Thursday, April 23.
On this occasion, the PHOENIX VIII CJTF commander, Brigade General Steven P. Huber awarded the Romanian militaries with Military Medal for Meritorious Service (3 officers), the Military Medal for Special Results ( 17 officers and NCOs), the Military Medal for Good Results (13 officers and NCOs) and all the militaries from this Detachment received the NATO Non Article 5 Medal.
Brigade General Steven P. Huber, in his closing speech, underlined on the very good cooperation with the militaries from ANA Training XI Detachment under Lt. Col. Aurel Neagu's command, the Romanians contribution to the development of the Afghan national security forces and on the special partnership between the Coalition Forces and the Romanian Armed Forces to increase and to develop an environment of security in Afghanistan.

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