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United in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

This is the time of year when Romanian Class A ship Mircea begins its training that includes its participation in the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009. On June 4, it took Jolie Brise under tow to Bermuda.

Jolie Brise, a Class B vessel (UK) asked the regatta organizers for help as it could no longer continue sailing due to a lack of resources. The appeal of the organizers was answered by Mircea that was relatively close and in the position to help the vessel in need.

The organizers of Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009 decided that June 2 would mark the end of the second stage Tenerife – Hamilton for the Class A and B vessels, due to the lack of wind.

At the end of this stage Mircea and its crew crossed the finish line second among the Class A ships.

The Romanian crew still has 800 miles to sail in the Atlantic to Hamilton and the Bermudas, which it will do using its engines (for details:

Romanian Class A ship Mircea participates from April 12 to September 1 in the annual training that includes its racing in the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge 2009. The course of the regatta includes Catania, Cadiz, Tenerife, Hamilton, Charleston, Boston, Ponta Delagada, Gibraltar and Iraklions The ship represents both the Naval Forces and Romania at the event.

The crew consists of 190 personnel, 63 male-students and 2 female students of the Mircea cel Bătrân Navy Academy, 34 male students and 4 female students of the Military School Amiral Ion Murgescu. The 12,500 NM that will be sailed in the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean will be an excellent opportunity to develop new skill and learn new things.

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