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Romanian-Chinese common training exercise "Friendship Action 2009"

The opening ceremony of the Romanian-Chinese common training exercise "Friendship Action 2009" occurred Monday, September 14, at the 26th Mountain Battalion HQ in Brad, Hunedoara County.
The activity will be developed on about two weeks when a Chinese platoon from a Mountain Brigade will perform together a subunit from the 26th Mountain Battalion the specific military actions in mountains.
The training programme consists of firings with their armament, tactical exercises in mountains and forests and alpine training.
In the exercise opening ceremony the participants were Brigade General Vasile Barea, commander of the 61st Mountain Brigade, the military attach of the Popular Republic of China in Romania, Superior Colonel Zhu Guanqing and the representatives of the public local authorities.
During the ceremony the two parts have stressed on the friendship and mutual respect relations that have been strengthen in the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Romania and the Popular Republic of China.
The bilateral exercise is part of the exchange of expertise the Romanian soldiers are performing in common with the alpine structures from other states.

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