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NATO Military Audio Visual Working Group Reunion in Bucharest

NATO Military Audio Visual Working Group Reunion (NMAVWG) will occur in Bucharest between September 28 and October 2 at the National Military Club Palace.
Iulian Fota, Presidential Adviser and Major General Tudor Munteanu deputy chief of Department for Parliament Liaison and Public Relations have participated in the opening of the works.
The NMAVWG 34th Reunion will be attended by the specialists in audio-visual from most of the NATO member states who will tackle the important issues such as: the proceedings to make and to transfer the video, audio and photo products, on high fidelity digital support, the new techniques and multimedia products to improve the audio-visual communication with the public in public relations area for the benefit of each of the countries and the Alliance's, too. They will also approach the re-technologization of the new military audio-visual structures during the NATO led operations.
The Bucharest Reunion will present the most recent national military productions and will find out new forms of cooperation between the national audio-visual sections and , the exchange of video products between the allies and the possibility to make some co-productions. The Works are led by Colonel Giancarlo Fortuna and Colonel Radu Balbaie (director of MoND Press Trust).

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