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October 25 -The Day of the Romanian Armed Forces

After August 23, 1944 Romania had an important contribution to the UN war effort. The Romanian Armed Forces achieved the strategic defense of borders and of the Romanian-Hungarian temporary demarcation line in Crisana and Platoul Transilvaniei, a line that was imposed by the Vienna Diktat in August 30, 1940. Under the Romanian strategic cover, the Soviet troops moved for about 1000 kilometers in a very short time and countering no resistance they passed the Carpathians in Ardeal.
In autumn 19944, the 1st and the 4th Armies remained engaged in the offensive to free the Northeaster part of Romania. The aim of this offensive was reached between October 21 and 25, when the enemy was chased away from Carei and Satu Mare towns, and over the Romanian-Hungarian borders.

In order to free Carei town, they conceived a maneuver of surround with four Divisions from the 6th Army Corps while the 2nd Army Corps together with the 11th Infantry Division attacked from the south the enemy from Satu Mare. The attack started in October 24, in the evening and the soldiers from the 34th and the 40th Infantry Regiments engaged in the street combat, in the same night and on October 25, in the morning they liberated Carei town.
On this occasion, between October 23 and 25, 2009 they will organize the commemorative and military and religious activities to celebrate the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces, thus:
On October 23, at 2 p.m. - folk concert in Concert Hall, Cluj Napoca Military Club;
On October 25 at 10 a.m. - military and religious ceremony and lay of wreaths at the Monumental Monument from Carei, Satu Mare County. The guests invited to participate in this ceremony are the President of Romania, the Minster of National Defense, and the Chief of General Staff, the representatives of the Romanian Armed Forces and of the 4th Infantry Division "Gemina";
On October 25, at 11 a.m. - the officials will meet the war veterans in Karolyi Castel from Carei, Satu Mare County;
On October 25, at 10 a.m. - a military and religious ceremony and lay of wreaths at the Monument "Glorie Ostasului Roman" (Glory to the Romanian Soldier) Piata Avram Iancu, Cluj Napoca.
The representatives of local and central authorities, war veterans, militaries in reserve and retreat and all the local community are invited to participate in this ceremony.

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