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The Minister of National Defence, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, the State Secretary of Defence Policy and Planning, Mr. Viorel Oancea and the chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D participated in the meeting for the annual report on 2009 of the Air Force Staff, on Thursday, January 14. The Minister declared that the secret of any achievement lies in the teamwork and in the elimination of barriers between structures. He also stated that investment funds for this year are limited which requires a very careful management of the resources: This year"'s investment funds are limited, that is why we should use them according to our priorities. The main goal in the strategic plan of investments of the Air Force is the multi-role aircraft. It will be a strategic political decision of Romania that will have to pass the Parliament approval, as well as the special commissions and the Supreme Council of Defence of the Country. This effort of defence procurement will strengthen the position of the Romanian Armed Forces within NATO and the European military structures.
State Secretary Viorel Oancea noted the improvement in the activity of the Air Force Staff with the new leadership. "The problems the Air Force is faced with can be solved with investments and a better way to fulfill the tasks. We should focus on training and a reconfiguration of the activities according to the existing budget" declared the State Secretary.
Admiral Gheorghe Marin stressed on the importance of training with the alternate use of simulators and airplanes for better results and he also stated that the logistic support for the Romanian troops in the theaters of operations was achieved with our own transport capacities. The Chief of the General Staff also stressed it was necessary to prioritize activities according to the budgetary restrains so that not to affect the operational capacity; he asked the soldiers to act with realism, responsibility and rigour in accomplishing their future missions. Major General Ion Aurel Stanciu, Ph.D. chief of the Air Force Staff highlighted the role played by the service in defending the national air space and the North Atlantic one trough combat missions Air Police under NATO command and the transportation of troops and materials in and from the TOs.

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