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Today, PM Emil Boc, the National Defence Minister, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, the chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D. and the Mayor of the 2nd District, Mr. Niculai Ontanu has paid a visit to "Dr. Carol Davila" Central Military Hospital to award medals to Privates (R)Daniel Porumb and Ionut Butoi and Sergeant Marius Bertoni Taifas, wounded in missions in the theaters of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Daniel Porumb, in mission in Iraq with the 495th Infantry Battalion had an accident on April 14, 2007 when an amphibious armored carrier overthrow near Tallil. Porumb underwent surgery in Landstuhl hospital, Ramstein base (Germany). The soldier (30 years) is still in the Central Military Hospital for post surgery recovery treatment.
Ionut Butoi (32 years) was wounded on August 31, 2008 in Zabul province, Afghanistan, in the explosion when the armored carrier crossed over an improvised explosive device. He was transported to Ramstein hospital for medical treatment and now he is treated by the doctors in Bucharest Central Military Hospital.
Marius Bertoni Taifas (25 years) was wounded on November 20, 2009 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, in a missile attack. In Landstuhl hospital he underwent surgery and his state is now a good one. Taifas was repatriated on January 10, 2010 for recovery in the Central Military Hospital.
Prime Minister and the National Defence Minister transmitted the President Traian Basescu’s message of support and furtherance as the Armed Forces commander.
The officials discussed with the wounded and the medical personnel taking care of their state and wished them to return as soon as possible in good health to their families.
The Head of the Executive awarded the medals for courage, loyalty and patriotism to achieve the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
" We are proud of you and the way you represented Romania in the theaters of operations from Afghanistan and Iraq. I assure you of the National Defence Ministry' s full support" Prime Minister has stated.
The National Defence Ministry has promoted the three military: Daniel Porumb and Ionut Butoi, have been promoted in the body of Romanian Army's non - commissioned officers, to the rank of reserve Sergeant and Marius Bertoni Taifas to Sergeant Major.
"We are proud of you and pay our respect for everything you have been done for the Country. Be sure of our support" the Minister Gabriel Oprea stated. The chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D. has reiterated the Army's leaders support to comfort the wounded and their families: "I don't know what does it mean "do everything" but, for sure, what was to be done for you, we did and we will continue to do it in future, too".
The Major of District 2, Mr. Niculai Ontanu, in the name of the local administration personnel, offered them, a replica of Alexandru Ioan Cuza's sword as sign of appreciation for their merits in missions; these replicas were awarded due to the future celebration of the Day of the Union of the Romanian Principalities.

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