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The General Staff annual report on 2009 was held on Thursday, January 21; the National Defence Minister, Mr. Gabriel Oprea, the chief of General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin, Ph.D., chiefs of services and commands and the General Staff senior officers took part in this meeting.
Admiral Gheorghe Marin presented main goals on 2009 of the General Staff, according to the Strategy of Transformation of the Romanian Armed Forces. The deputy chief of General Staff, the Director and the chiefs of Directorates presented the report on 2009 in their area of responsibility, thus: Personnel and Mobilization, Military Intelligence, Operations, Logistic, Strategic Planning, Communications and IT, Training and Doctrine, Finance and Accounting, Legal Aid and Military Order and Discipline.
Admiral Gheorghe Marin presented the conclusions of the annual report on 2009: "I value, in terms of goals, and human, financial and material resources that we fulfilled the Country defence missions and the military commitments assumed within NATO and the European Union. We managed to successfully end what we intended but in special difficult financial terms".
The chief of General Staff underlined the fact that this year we have to regain relics of the past and the financial funds must be wisely used in order to continue the Armed Forces transformation and to affirm Romania's interests within the European and Euro-Atlantic community.
Minister Gabriel Oprea praised the General Staff and the subordinated structures' activity and results on 2009. "I do not exaggerate saying that the strength of the national military body and the role of the Romanian Armed Forces as a pillar of stability depend on your efforts and sacrifices, your solid and well done work" stated the National Defence Minister. Mr. Oprea re-iterated his priorities of this year: to ensure the optimum training environment to fulfill the missions in different theaters of operations; to increase their protection and security by the endowment with the most adequate equipment. Speaking about the MoND resources for this year, Minister Oprea stressed on the fact that, in spite the budgetary restrains, we have to do everything to achieve the missions and the goals of training - at level of sub-units, units, big units, services and commands, according to the allotted financial funds.
"My concern is to ensure the financial rights for the MoND personnel, pensions, medical assistance and adequate housing for the personnel and to select, train and improve the human resource so that, the Romanian soldier to be held in esteem by all the citizens for his work full of risks and privations" stated Minister Gabriel Oprea at the end of the meeting. He also appreciated the General Staff - the brain and the heart of the Romanian Armed Forces need of the resources in order to work properly, and to function effectively as professional mechanism, too. The Minister asked the General Staff personnel to work as a team, to approach with dignity, courage and realism their tasks and to cultivate the winner's mentality in order to achieve their goals.

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