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The Romanian Government approved in the meeting held on February 10, the decision to declassify the secret of state information that were issued by the Ministry of National Defence because their unveil bringing no more prejudice to the national security, defence, public order or to the interests of natural or legal persons. Thus, they declassified 7617 sheets of secret of state documents issued by the Ministry of National Defence. According to the decision, the institutions and public authorities managing the copies of these documents should take the measure according to the law.
The decision was adopted based on the following acts: art. 108 of the Romanian Constitution republished; art. 24 align. (4) of Law 182/2002 on protection of classified information, with modifications and completions and art. 19 and 20 align (1) of the national Standards of protection of classified information in Romania, approved by the Decision of the Government no. 585/2002 with modifications and completions.

Asociatia "21 Decembrie 1989" (December 21st Association) lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights on Dossier no. 97/P/1990 of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Court of Appeal and Justice - Military Public Prosecutor's Office, also known as "Dosarele Revolutiei" (Files of Revolution).
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the Public Prosecutor's Office to set at the Association's disposal the documents necessary for its members to defend to the Court. Due to the fact that some of the documents are classified as secret of service or secret of state, the Public Prosecutor's Office requested the Ministry of National Defence to declassify the documents involved.
The Ministry of National Defence on January 15, 2010 declassified 2684 secret of service sheets and transmitted them to the Military Public Prosecutor's Office.
The secret of state information can be declassificated based on the Decision of the Government, adopted by the Government during the meeting held on February 10, 2010.

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