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The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Oprea, invited the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, Anyu Angelov, to a meeting that took place at Giurgiu, on June 1.

The official talks approached topics such as the bilateral military relations, security in the Extended Black Sea Region and cooperation within regional initiatives and security in the territorial waters of the Black Sea.

The two defence ministers talked of the importance of developing military cooperation with a view to strengthening the stability pillars for the south-eastern part of the Euro-Atlantic area and promoting one’s geostrategic position within EU and NATO.

Minister Oprea pointed out that Romania will continue to support Bulgaria actively in promoting its goals at the South-Eastern Defence Ministerial, the chairmanship of which Bulgaria is holding at present.

Minister Gabriel Oprea noted that the security in the Extended Black Sea Region and ascribing the region to the Euro-Atlantic security architecture, based on the principle that all states should be involved in the process of safeguarding security as well as using the existing regional initiatives, represent one of Romania’s priorities.

"Romania gives a special attention to the Extended Black Sea Region and it is our conviction that its geographical position at the south-eastern border of the EU and NATO should be given special consideration by the international community", the Romanian defence minister said.

As to the other Black Sea cooperation initiatives, the defence minister said BLACKSEAFOR would continue to play an important role in building trust and developing interoperability of Navy forces among riverine states while BLACK SEA HARMONY would be the operational instrument in countering asymmetric threats at the Black Sea.

"We consider that SCOMAR would meet the security requirements for the maritime area of both Romania and NATO and UE member states against the background of the increasing importance of the Black Sea region. Bilateral cooperation related to our littoral areas could be an invitation for other riverine states to do the same and it would also show the determination of Romania and Bulgaria to participate in the European project on maritime security ", minister Oprea pointed out.

The Romanian minister emphasized the need for dialogue at expert level to initiate a cooperation programme on Danube security, the results of which would be analysed by the defence ministries of the two countries.

Mr. Gabriel Oprea pointed out that the visit of Minister Anyu Angelov in Romania was an excellent opportunity to develop the military relations of the two countries; further cooperation projects and joint training exercises were discussed during the talks.

The two ministers noted that in case the Air Forces of the two countries would acquire the same type of multirole combat aircraft it would be beneficial to cooperate in matters of maintenance, training and air police service.

The Bulgarian Minister of Defence thanked his Romanian counterpart for his open attitude and pointed out that "I came in Romania to identify areas of cooperation for the region we live in and in our positions as EU and NATO member states. It is important we bring cooperation to the next level and free ourselves of our former competition for NATO and EU membership. It is time to do away with unhealthy competition and start cooperate really”.

The Bulgarian defence minister said the armed forces of our countries are meant to support NATO transformation, according to the New Strategic Concept. Mr. Anyu Angelov emphasized that the Republic of Bulgaria is keen on having a clear and well-defined structure by 2015.

Mr. Anyu Angelov pointed out that the SEDM chairmanship Bulgaria holds allows it to activate again the regional cooperation process at new level.

The minister reassessed the total openness of his country to bring the topic of the missile shield into discussion with the USA on the occasion of the Lisbon Summit, saying that he was totally in favour of this project as middle range missiles represent a real threat for the security of the area.

"I have total confidence that the present leadership of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence would prove a reliable partner that would bring a better and improved security system in the Balkans and the Extended Black Sea Region” the Bulgarian Defence Minister declared at the end of the meeting.

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