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Following several enquiries from journalists, on the military bilateral cooperation between Romania and the State of Israel we present the following information:

Military bilateral cooperation with the State of Israel is conducted based on the provisions of the Agreement on defence cooperation signed by the Ministry of National Defence of Romania and the Ministry of Defence of the State of Israel on 05/29/2000. The Agreement had been approved through Government Decision No. 841 of 09/21/2000 and had been in force since 10/10/2000.

The bilateral agreement of 2006, mentioned by an Israeli publication and taken over by the Romanian media, was approved by the Romanian party through Government Decision No. 638 of 05/18/2006 but had not been in force as the Israeli party had not completed its internal procedures.

By this date, no further request had been made to have a new cooperation agreement between the defence ministries of the two countries.

As to Air Force exercises conducted by other countries on Romanian territory, they take place as established through bilateral technical agreements signed by the defence ministries for each and every such exercise.

The terms for conducting such exercises are those provided by the Romanian law (including Law No.291 of 11/02/2007 on foreign military troops entering, stationing, conducting operations or transiting the Romanian territory, as published in Monitorul Oficial No. 758 of 11/08/2007).

During the third trimester of the year, a joint Romanian-Israeli Air Force exercise will be conducted, involving only helicopters and transport aircraft. This exercise had been planned as early as 2009 and aims at jointly training air crews operating low-altitude aircraft during search rescue operations, MEDEVAC type. No live ammunition will be used or fired during the exercise.

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