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The Minister of National Defence, Mr.Gabriel Oprea, welcomes US decision to donate 60 mine resistant, ambush protected (MRAP) armored carriers to be used by Romanian troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Since he took over his mandate, defence minister Gabriel Oprea made a priority out of the troops' protection, especially the ones deployed in Afghanistan.

MRAP armored carriers offered by US military for the use of Romanian troops was one of the topics approached by President Traian B„sescu and minister Gabriel Oprea, at the meeting they had with ISAF US commanders in Afghanistan, on March 4.

These vehicles, which have a better armor configuration than HUMVEEs will offer an increased protection of the troops against improvised explosive devices and attacks with small caliber weapons.

The defence minister said this yearís procurement should make a priority out of equipping troops in the theaters of operations and improve their protection.

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