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Major General Ștefan Dănilă, chief of General Staff participated in the ceremony organized for the departure to Afghanistan of the "Red Scorpions". The event was organized at the headquarters of the 26th "Neagoe Basarab" Infantry Battalion, in Craiova.

The Romanian troops will operate within ISAF mission in Zabul Province, southern Afghanistan, from February to July 2011, taking over the mission of the 812th "Șoimii Carpaților" Infantry Battalion in Bistrița.

In his message to the troops to be deployed, the defence minister said: "The troops of the 812th "Șoimii Carpaților" Infantry Battalion are in my mind and in my soul as they are going to complete the personnel of the 2nd "Rovine" Infantry Battalion in Afghanistan. They will operate alongside their comrades of the 20th "Scorpionii Negri" Infantry Battalion and of the Combined Team Zabul, who are already in their area of responsibility there".
"You have soon the opportunity to enforce your motto as you will be in combat situations for six months in Afghanistan. You will act as you trained with courage and determination in the firing ranges, in national and multinational exercises. You are experienced due to the work, effort and sacrifice you made. I am convinced you will prove once more your exceptional training in accomplishing the tasks assigned within your mandate

The defence minister emphasized that the last MRAPs provided for the Romanian troops in Afghanistan "will ensure the highest protection possible against improvised explosive devices or small caliber weapons together with improved mobility and combat power of the maneuver battalions. You should make most of this equipment and double its qualities with your own care for well trained teams to use them.

At the end of his message to the soldiers minister Oprea said "The Ministry of National Defence will do everything so that the ones who deploy today will be up to the expectations."

The ceremony was attended by the troops` families, colleagues, war veterans, retired military personnel of the Craiova garrison, as well as local authorities. This is the 12th mission in its 16 years of existence for the 26th "Neagoe Basarab" Infantry Battalion.

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