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In the last 24 hours, military detachments of the defence ministry intervened with 1580 troops and 88 vehicles and equipment of the Land, Air and Navy Forces in 22 cases, in support of the population affected by snowfalls and snow storms in counties in the sounth of Moldova, Muntenia and Dobrogea were involved.

The military continue their interventions on Friday, February 10, as well. The Coordination Center established at the headquarters of the 90th Airlift Flotilla in Otopeni by order of the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea, continues to plan and carry out flights to airlift food in isolated localities. On Thursday night, IAR-330 Puma helicopters transported three tons of food to Mărașu and Frecăței in Brăila County.

Friday, at noon, two helicopters of the 90th Airlift Flotilla in Otopeni took two tons of food to the people of Galbenu, Brăila County.

Six other flights with IAR-330 Puma helicopters are planned with a view to transporting five tons of food to Vișani and Jirlău in Brăila County, Grindu in Ialomița County and Isvoarele in Giurgiu County.

Several associations and businesspersons in the food industry provide the food to be distributed to people in isolated localities, at the request of the respective Mayor`s offices. According to weather conditions and the situation in place, the transport and distribution of the products will be made also by land, from points of logistic support created to this purpose

At the request of the Prefect`s Office of Buzău County, troops of the 2nd Infantry Division carry by a DAC truck food and drinking water to people of Glodeanu-Siliștea, Scutelnici, Săgeata and Rușețu.

A detachment of the 3rd Engineering Battalion work with their equipment to clear of snow acces roads in the area of Poșta Câlnău, Buzău County. In Boboc, Buzău County, a detachment of the Air Force School work at clearing some three kilometers of the road to the railway station.

Detachments of the 13th Artillery Battalion and 51st Mixed Artillery Regiment intervene with DAC trucks in the area of Rași and Horia, Ialomița County to clear roads of snow and evacuate people needing assistance.

Two detachments of the 86th Air Flotilla and the 56th Artillery Battalion ensure the transportation of technical staff from Electrica S.A., in Târgoviște Municipality to Crevedia, to repair some damages of the electrical network in the area of Argovei, Frăsinet and Gurbănești.

Two detachments of the 8th LAROM Brigade work at clearing roads to schools and hospitals as requested by the Prefect`s Office in Vrancea County.

Troops of the 235th Logistic Support Battalion in Târgoviște carry drinking water to the people in Schela Mare neighborhood, Moreni Municipality, that is no longer supplied with water.

River tugboat 328 continues to transport people between Tulcea and Tudor Vladimirescu. On Friday morning, it evacuated a person from Tudor Vladimirescu who had suffered multiple fractures. The sea rescue tug "Grozavul" ensures the transport of from Sulina to Tulcea, and continues to break the ice on Sulina channel while ensuring the transportation of people from isolated localities in the Danube Delta.

The Ministry of National Defence keeps the situation in the country under observation, through its specialized structure in the General Staff and can respond to requests from local and central authorities with 4000 troops and 1000 equipment, for the containment of the effects of massive snowfalls and snow storms, as ordered by the the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea.

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