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On Saturday, February 11, the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea made a visit together with Prime Minister Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu and the Minister of Administration and Internal Affairs in several localities in Vrancea and Buzău counties, for an assesement of the situation and the way intervention forces assist the population.

The Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea declared during a meeting with local authorities of the two counties, that the military are ready to intervene at the request of by central and local authorities in areas affected by massive snow falls and snow storms, to assist people in danger, to distribute food and basic goods, to clear roads of snow.

"Beside its cooperation plans with other state institutions, the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, the military act now as they did before, during the floods two years ago. The military work 24/7 side by side their colleagues from the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs. This is an exceptional act of solidarity. We are NATO military that conducts successful operations not only in the theaters of operations but here, at home, as well, wherever we are needed" minister Gabriel Oprea declared.
The defence minister asked again the Prefects` Offices, the presidents of County Councils and Mayors` Offices to ask for support directly from garrisons or units commanders.

"Military units need no other approvals to act. That was my direct order and it was sent in due time to all garrisons. The military will act promptly as often as it is necessary in order to save human lives and people`s possessions", highlighted minister Gabriel Oprea.

Since the beginning of February, over 4,200 troops of all services, organized in detachments, carried out 210 interventions with the use of 315 vehicles.

At present, there are 25 ongoing interventions in counties all over Muntenia, Dobrogea and south Moldova regions, carried out by 1,450 troops and 76 vehicles.

The Coordination Center established at the headquarters of the 90th Airlift Flotilla in Otopeni by order of the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea, continues to plan and carry out flights to airlift food in isolated localities.Until now, the IAR-330 Puma helicopters carried out 15 airlifts of over 15 tons of food to isolated localities in Brăila, Ialomița, Vrancea and Buzău counties. Four other airlifts are scheduled for Saturday afternoon to localities in Vrancea and Buzău counties, should the weather conditions would allow it.

Detachments of the Joint Logistic Command transported today 5 tons of food and basic goods to Bordești, Dumitrești, Chiojdeni and Jitia, in Vrancea County and another 3.5 tons in Reghiu andi Sihlea. Troops of the 8th LAROM Brigade, the 828th Mechanized Brigade and the 1st Mechanized Brigade clear roads of snow in the area of Dumitrești, Dumbrăveni, Căiata and Bogza, with DAC trucks, armored vehicles VAMTAC and an armored caterpillar for medical evacuation.

Detachments of the 2nd Infantry Division and the Intelligence Brigade clear roads of snow and assist people isolated by snow in the area of Vadu Pașii, Săgeata, Râmnicelu and Boldu, working with DAC trucks and special equipment. A detachment of the 3rd Engineering Battalion continues to clear of snow roads in the area of Poșta Câlnău.

Two detachments of the 1st Infantry Division in Ialomița County work in Axintele, Sfântu Gheorghe and Malu, to clear roads and houses of snow.

Troops of the 10th Engineering Brigade carry drinking water and food to people in Frecăței and Mărașu, Braila County.

The sea rescue tug "Grozavul" ensures the transport of from Sulina to Tulcea, and continues to break the ice on Sulina channel while ensuring the transportation of people from isolated localities in the Danube Delta. River tugboat 328 continues to transport people between Tulcea and Tudor Vladimirescu.

The Ministry of National Defence established Saturday collecting centers for unperishable foods in București, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brașov, Craiova, Brăila and Bacău, meant for the people in distress. Citizens can make donations on Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12, between 12.00 and 20.00. Until Saturday at 16.00, at the center in front of the National Defence University over 15 tons of food and basic goods had been donated by the inhabitants of Bucharest. In the evening, trucks of the Joint Logistic Command take the goods to Săgeata, Vadu Pașii, Valea Râmnicului and Podgoria, in Buzău County.
The Ministry of National Defence keeps the situation in the country under observation, through its specialized structure in the General Staff and can respond to requests from local and central authorities with 8000 troops and 2000 equipment, for the containment of
the effects of massive snowfalls and snow storms, as ordered by the the Minister of National Defence Gabriel Oprea.

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