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The chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, participated in the ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of 70 years since the establishment of the Command for Communications and Information Technology (CCI) held at the 89th Main Center for Communications and Information Technology, on Saturday, 30 June.
"This year we celebrate at 1 July, 70 years since the establishment of the Command for Communications and Information Technology, initially called Communications Command (...). The establishment of the Communications Command as was a a significant moment in the affirmation of communications as a military speciality. Later, it became a distinct branch within the Enginers branch and it was the first time that a central structure was created at opeartive level”, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă said, pointing out that the command was responsible for the communications connections since WW2 to the present day.
On this occasion, the Combat Colors of CCI will be decorated with Order "Virtutea militară", Knight rank, while important figures in the field will be offered anniversary plates.
Brigadier general Ion Cerăceanu, CCI commander, spoke "of the most recent success of the command – creating, rendering operational in a very short time and sending DCM "E" NATO Module to Afghanistan, that would ensure the communications and information technology support of ISAF Command".
"Three days ago I received a letter of congratulations from NATO 2nd Communications Battalion , within which our module works. He said that ours was the most professional communications structure he had ever worked with in his entire career in the US military service", General Cerăceanu pointed out.
The chief of General Staff read the message of the defence minister for the anniversary of CCI. "No military action can be conceived in the absence of the communications and information technology infrastructure, whether we talk of the classical telephone lines or communication via satelite, which is why you should know that our expectations from you will continue to be high, as I consider you will raise up to them".
After the ceremony, the chief of General Staff and the CCI commander had a video-teleconference with the communications troops in Afghanistan. Through the same VTC system they had a direct link with the troops and their families, who wished them easy mission and that they are waited for at home.
At the end of the activity, the participants in the event had the opportunity to visit the photo and documentary exhibition "CCI - 70 Years of History", as well as an exhibition of technology in the field of communications and information technology.

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