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A special event dedicated to the children of the military heroes, who lost their lives or were wounded in missions in the theaters of operations, was organized within the BCR Open Romania International Women`s Tennis Tournament, at BNR Arena, on Thursday, 19 July.

The original event started with a friendly doubles match, on the second tennis court of the BNR Arena. The players were, on the one side, Lieutenant General Sorin Ioan, chief of Land Forces Staff, Sergeant Major Vasile Zbâncă, a soldier wounded in Afghanistan and, on the other side of the net, Ruxandra Dragomir, president of the Romanian Tennis Federation, and Stelică Mătreață, member of the Motivation Romania Foundation, an organization involved in improving the life quality of the people with disabilities in Romania. Sergeant Major Nicușor Bica, a soldier wounded in the theater of operations in Afghanistan was a supporter in the tribunes.

General Sorin Ioan said that Sergean Major Vasile Zbâncă is a role model of courage and commitment, with the spirit of a true warrior. "Even after the huge price he paid (he lost both his legs) during the mission in service of his country, Vasile never stopped being a role model; last year he participated in a cycling contest in Germany and in a couple of weeks he participates in this year`s edition of the said competition, where he has higher goals than just simply participating", the chief of the Land Forces Staff added.

On a nearby tennis court, the four children of the heroes killed on duty were offered their first tennis lesson from tennis players Alexandra Cadanțu and Irina Begu.

"Some wonderful children were here with us, today: Remus Brânzan, 16, Robert Leu, 6, Alexandrescu brothers, Cornel, 9, and Ionuț, 13. They are our hopes and future. They are the children of our lost comrades, the children we shall try to raise in the same spirit of unity and deep respect for the true values, while their parents are sacred symbols for us", General Sorin Ioan said.

"This sports event had an emotional value", Ruxandra Dragomir declared. "I also salute the initiative of the Ministry of National Defence. I wish to thank General Ioan for the joy he gave us in joining us in a tennis match, and I thank also my doubles partner, Stelică, and Vasile, as well, who showed their combatant spirit and that it is possible to play tennis under any circumstances", the president of the Romanian Tennis Federation added.

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