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The military Sports Club opens Wednesday, December 5, starting at 11.00 "Steaua" polo and swimming Olympic pool in the presence of Minister of National Defence, Corneliu Dobritoiu.

The inaugural event, to be attended by representatives of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and the Government of Romania, Romanian famous sportsmen and women, but also children from school clubs, will include exhibition matches, polo, and swimming competitions for different age groups.

For the first time since the creation of the club, military athletes belonging to the polo and swimming sections will perform the training in their own competitive indoor pool developed with funding from the National Investment Company of Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, in respect of international federations` standards for polo and swimming.

Journalists interested to attend the event are expected Wednesday, December 5, starting at 10.40, at the Olympic Basin polo and swimming in "Steaua" Sports Complex, located 45, Blvd. Ghencea, Bucharest.

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