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Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defense met Tuesday, April 15, 03 the US senators Mary Landrieu and Larry Criag in visit in Romania.

The US officials express the gratitude of the State Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and of SACEUR supreme commander, General James Jones for the real support Romania granted to the antiterrorist coalition after September 11, 2001 and especially in the Iraqi conflict. It was stressed the necessity to rapidly pass to stabilization of the situation in Iraq and the importance for Romania to participate in reconstruction on a democratic base of this country deeply affected by a long dictatorship.

Minister of National Defense stated the Romanian Armed Forces continue to materialize the calendar of reform having in view the full joint to the North Atlantic Alliance. Minister appreciated that the activity at Mihail Kogalniceanu 57 Air Base is a good opportunity for improving the working proceedings in common for the Romanian and the American military.

Evoking the recent visit at the Base in Constanta the two senators shared their very good impressions on the hospitality the local population showed. It was also mentioned the necessity to continue and increase the projects for the local community benefit.

Cristian George Maior, State Secretary and chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defense Policy and Paul Grecu, diplomatic adviser of the minister were also present at the meeting held at MoND HQ.

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