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IAR 330 PUMA SOCAT - technical specifications

The IAR - 330 Puma SOCAT involved in the tragic event produced on March 7, 2013, is an attack helicopter that can be configured to execute MEDEVAC missions.

Technical specifications
Power plant: two TURMO IV B turboprop engines, each of 1,400 HP.
- Length: 15m;
- Height: 4,6m;
- Wingspan: 3,38m.
- Main propeller diameter: 16,2m.

- Maximum takeoff weight: 7,400kg.

- a THL-20 mm caliber, turreled under fuselage gun;
- two side 7.62 mm caliber machine guns;
- external stores including X-5 antitank missiles, air-to-air missiles or reactive projectile blocks, UB-16-57, mounted on 4 beams.

Payload: 1,000kg.
Crew: 3.
- Maximum speed: 263km/h;
- Ceiling: 4800m;
- Maximum range: 550km.

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