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Detachment of Special Operations Forces Deploys to Afghanistan

The Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dușa, and the chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, participated in the ceremony marking the deployment of the "Băneasa-Otopeni" Detachment of Special Operations Forces of Buzău, on Friday, 5 July.

"Here are the special operation forces, elite troops of the Romanian Armed Forces", was Minister Mircea Dușa’s message to those participating in the ceremony.

The Minister of National Defence told the troops that they were leaving for the most dangerous place in the world, that theirs would not be an easy mission and that he was convinced that their training would allow them to successfully accomplish their mission.

Mircea Dușa also talked of the fact that Romanian troops began to hand over the areas of responsibility to the Afghan security forces.

In the end, Minister Mircea Dușa wished them successful mission and said he was convinced they would all come back safely.

Combat vehicles and equipment were also presented during the ceremony, when the deployment order was read, while the troops of the special operation forces saluted the people participating in the activity.

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