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Official Visit of the Chief of General Staff in Slovenia

Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, chief of General Staff, makes an official visit to his Slovenian counterpart, from 15 to 18 October.

During the meeting with the Slovenian chief of General Staff, Brigadier General Dobran BOźIÈ, the two officials talked of bilateral cooperation, they analyzed the regional initiatives the two armed forces are involved in, future cooperation projects, the regional security environment and the perspectives of its evolution.

"Romanian and Slovenian participation in NATO operations in Afghanistan and the Balkans, the two countries` contribution to the strategic multinational capabilities made available for the Alliance and to the new projects for "Smart Defence" and "Connected Forces" initiatives prove their endorsement of the allied transformation process", Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă said.

The importance of a firm medium and long-term engagement in Afghanistan, in the absence of which the major successes obtained so far could be diluted, was also highlighted.

"Romania is aware that ensuring stability in Afghanistan after 2014 is essential for a sustained success of ISAF mission. In this respect we are analyzing the possibility of a concrete participation in "Resolute Support", the new NATO mission, and expect the end of negotiations with the Afghan Government and the approval of the planning documents of the allies" the Romanian chief of General Staff said further.

A more efficient cooperation and information exchange between EU and NATO could result in harmonizing the development of capabilities and avoiding duplication was the conclusion reached by the two military officials.

As to the cooperation within regional initiatives, the two officials talked of the possibility that Slovenia become part of the project South-East Multinational Peace Force as a full member.

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