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The General Staff of the Romanian Armed Forces Celebrated 154 of Existence

The General Staff celebrated 154 years since its establishment through a celebrating event conducted in the hall of the Ministry of National Defence, on Monday, 11 November.

Invited at the activity, the defence minister Mircea Dușa congratulated the representatives of the General Staff and expressed his appreciation for the activity of its personnel.

"It was a difficult year, with many achievements. I wish to thank all those who were directly involved in preparing and conducting missions in theaters of operations and those who coordinated the military interventions in support of the population", minister Mircea Dușa told those present at the event.

The defence minister also referred to the challenges the General Staff faced, especially related to the future dynamics of the Romanian troops in Afghanistan and reconfiguration of a modern force structure, well equipped and sustainable financially.

The chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă, highlighted in his speech the special role played by the General Staff in building and leading the military of a NATO and EU member state. "I thank all those who are part of the General Staff for their loyalty and respect for the structure they wok with, also for their professionalism, spirit of sacrifice and commitment in accomplishing their missions. Ongoing efforts and perseverance will ensure the trust building and respect citizens have for the Romanian Armed Forces", Lieutenant General Ștefan Dănilă said further.

During the ceremony, medals and decorations were awarded to some personnel of the General Staff as a token of appreciation for outstanding results and professionalism in carrying out their missions. In the same context, the awards of the Romanian Military Thinking review were offered to contributors to this publication.
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The General Staff is a joint command structure, which regulates and coordinates military activities in terms of training and exercises. It also plays an important role in personnel management, it draws out strategic plans, doctrines and general legal documents, it plans the force structure and makes the procurement propositions according to the needed capabilities.

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