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Updates on Missions Carried Out in Areas Affected by Snowfalls and Blizzards

At present, 226 soldiers and 33 machines carry out 8 missions to free and unblock access roads and the search and rescue of people of Robeasca, Râmnicu Sărat and Vâlcele in Buzău County, Făurei, Jirlău and Galbenu in Brăila County, Dumbrăveni and Vulturu, in Vrancea County as well as for the evacuation of tourists in the area of Poienile Vâlsanului to Curtea de Argeș.

To this hour, 17 other missions were completed that involved 214 troops and 31 technical means to unblock traffic on routes A1 and A2, to free from snow and tow vehicles in the localities of Crețeni, Amărăști and Peșteana, Vâlcea County; to evacuate persons and vehicles from Florica and Movila Banului, Buzău County, Brazi, Prahova County; to search for missing persons in Găiseanca, Brăila County and to transport food and blankets to the people stuck in Veștem, Sibiu County and Fulga and Sălciile, Prahova County.

As to the measures taken in areas under the red code of bad weather, the Ministry of National Defence augmented its forces in Buzău, Vrancea, Galați and Brăila counties with 1107 troops and 160 technical means, while another 360 soldiers and 62 technical means are prepared to come to their support in Bacău and Prahova counties and in Bucharest municipality.

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