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Veterans` Relay Race

The first stage of the "Veterans` Relay Race" starts at 11.00 on Sunday, 19 October, from the WW 2 Heroes` Memorial in front of "Carol I" National Defence University, in a relay race covering the distance between Bucharest and Carei, as an event dedicated to the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces.

The troops, voluntarily organized as Invictus Group Romania, will reach Carei on 25 October, during a ceremony that will take place at the Monument "Glorie Ostașului Român" [Glory for the Romanian Soldier].

The relay, consisting of two Tricolor Flags with the logo Sacrificiul impune respect! [Sacrifice Calls for Respect] will be carried over about 800 kilometers on a route that covers the distance from Bucharest - Ploiești - Sinaia - Brașov - Făgăraș - Cincu - Sibiu - Alba Iulia - Cluj - Zalău to Carei, retracing the route of the Romanian military in 1944 in the struggle to free the national territory.

In each of these localities, the turn carrying the relay will salute the monuments of the People`s Heroes and will exchange the relays.

The race starts on Sunday and will be attended by representatives of the defence ministry leadership, General (R) Marin Dragnea, president of the National Association of War Veterans, Lt. Alin Marinescu, a soldier wounded in Afghanistan, representatives of the "Steaua" Military Sports Club and "Camarazii" Military Charity Association, groups of bicycle riders and racers.

The Ministry of National Defence salutes and supports, through "Camarazii" Military Charity Association, the initiative of this group of soldiers who organized voluntarily for a noble cause.

* * *

Invictus Group Romania – consisting of about 50 troops who are great sport fans, had the initiative to organize "Veterans` Relay Race", that aims at increasing society awareness of the respect and appreciation it owes to its veterans, wounded soldiers, invalids and families of those who died in military actions.

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