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Activities Dedicated to the War Veterans` Day

The Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of Internal Affairs organize, in all large garrisons of the country, special events dedicated to the War Veterans` Day, celebrated on April 29, marking 70 years since the end of WW II.
On Tuesday, April 28, from 14.00 hrs., a show will be presented in „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Hall of the defence ministry, in cooperation with the Romanian Radio and Television Society. Defence minister Mircea Dușa will be present at the show which is dedicated to veterans, wounded soldiers, invalids and families of soldiers who died during WWII but also to the military and civilian personnel of the defence ministry.
Among the artists performing in the show are Felicia Filip, Sava Negrean Brudașcu, Veta Biriș, Grigore Leșe, Gheorghe Roșoga, Margareta Clipa, Ovidiu Purdea Someș, Oana Matei, Maria Guzu, the Men Choir of Libotin, Călușari Ensemble „Romanați” from Caracal, the Music Band of the defence ministry and the Folk Music Band of the Radio.
On Wednesday, April 29, from 07.30, the Veterans’ Marathon will take place in Bucharest, whereas from 08.30 hrs., at the Monument of Homeland Heroes, in front of "Carol I" National Defence University, a military and religious, wreath-laying ceremony will be organized.
From 10.30, at the Palace of the National Military Club, a Solemn Gathering is organized for war veterans and families of the soldiers who died in WW II as well as exhibitions with military equipment of soldiers who fought in WW II.

Journalists intending to be present at the end of the show in the Hall of the defence ministry are expected on Tuesday, April 28, between 15.30 and 15.45, at the defence ministry (check point no. 3, next to Marriott Hotel).

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By Government Decision No. 164/2015, 2015 was declared “The Year of War Veterans” whereas the Day of War Veterans was established by Government Decision No. 1222/2007 to be celebrated annually on April 29.

In all garrisons across the country military and religious wreath-laying ceremonies at the monuments dedicated to WW II heroes will be organized, as well as solemn gatherings of the war veterans, shows, military theme exhibitions, tending heroes’ monuments and cemeteries.

In the aftermath of WWII, there were over 900,000 dead, wounded, missing, prisoners, injured and invalids (about 92,000 dead soldiers) in Romania. At present, there are still about 20,000 war veterans living, 760 war widows and about 102,000 war veterans’ widows.

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