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Minister Mircea Dușa at the Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

The Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in defence ministers format that took place in Brussels today, was dedicated mainly to analyzing the state and perspectives of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan in an environment that changes constantly in a significant way.

“The progress in reviewing and improving NATO Response Force led to a formula better prepared to face the present threats”, the Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dușa, said. As to the need to continue endorsing the allied assurance measures, minister Dușa pointed out that there are over international 100 exercises planned to be conductedover the year, whereas now, Romania is host nation ro exercise Trident Joust, “a first both for Romanian soldiers and the Allied Joint Force Command Naples”.

The Romanian defence minister briefed on the progress in creating the two allied command and control structures in Bucharest (NFIU and MND SE) appreciating the contribution of member states to manning the structures and rendering them operational as well as continuing the assurance measures along 2015 and further, for as long as deemed necessary.

The defence minister saluted the decision of the allied defence ministers to adopt the Package to Support the Development of Defence capabilities of Republic of Moldova, stressing that this is “an investment not only in the security and stability of this country but in our own security”, and that an NATO Liaison Office should be urgently opened in Chișinău.

Another topic on the agenda was the new concept of the plans for a gradual response which represent, in Minister Dușa’s opinion, “an important and much needed signal on the importance placed by the Alliance to consolidating collective defence”. Mircea Dușa appreciated that “the efficiency of the new instruments and concepts will depend on speeding up the allied decision-making process”.

NATO defence ministers spoke of increased defence expenditures, whereas Minister Mircea Dușa said Romania is fully committed on this path and that the defence funds of the member states depend on the credibility of the Alliance.

Today’s North Atlantic working session was conducted within the Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers that takes place at NATO HQ over June 24 and 25.

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