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”Romanians and the Battle of Verdun”

The Institute for Political Studies on Defence and Military History organizes a round table on the topic ”Romanians and the Battle of Verdun”, at the Palace of the National Military Club, at 09.30 on Thursday, May 25. At the same time, „Regele Ferdinand I” Museum of National Military History inaugurates an exhibition of documents, weapons and unpublished photographs of the large battle.

The event will be attended by researchers and professors from civilian and military institutions, as well as members of the diplomatic corps of the states engaged in the „Great War”.

The participants will discuss the main political and military aspects defining the largest battle in the history of World War 1, the influence it exerted on Romania’s decision to join the Entente Powers and the way it was seen by peers and Romanian military specialists.

Journalists interested to participate in the event are expected at Sala Alba Iulia of the Palace of the National Military Club (Constantin Mille Street), between  09.00 and 09.15, on Thursday, May 26.
Person of contact: Cerasela Moldoveanu, GSM : 0744.179.509.

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