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Ministerial of the Global Coalition to counter-ISIL⁄DAESH

The Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, participated in the Defence and Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting of the nations contributing to the Global Coalition to counter-ISIL⁄DAESH, - led by the USA - taking place in Washington, D.C, USA, over July 20 and 21.

On the first day of the meeting, Minister Motoc participated in the defence ministers’ meeting of the nations that are part of the Coalition and contribute to the operations in Syria and Iraq. On July 21, the second day of the meeting, the defence minister participated together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lazăr Comănescu, and the Romanian Ambassador to the USA, George Cristian Maior, in the common sessions of the defence and foreign affairs ministers presided by the Secretary of State John Kerry and the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

During the talks, the ISIL/DAESH terrorist attacks against civil population in both the Middle East, Europe and the USA were strongly condemned and the member nations asserted their political endorsement of the Coalition actions to counter this jihadist transnational movement. The efforts to counter ISIL/DAESH were assesed and the progress made in stopping the actions of the terrorist organization. Future challenges were analyzed in terms of speeding the counter ISIL/DAESH measures and stabilizing the areas freed from under the occupation of the terrorist organization.

The importance of the role played by NATO was also highlighted in the the context of consolidating the defence capacity of Iraq through he capabilities package dedicated to this country, namely by using NATO AWACS aircraft in support of the Coalition fighting to counter ISIL/DAESH.

Minister Motoc reiterated Romania’s endorsement of the international community efforts meant to ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Iraq, within its internationally recognized borders. In 2016, Romania will participate in the endeavors of the Global Coalition with up to 50 officers for the training and counseling of Iraqi security forces.

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