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Minister Motoc on Official Visit to EUROCORPS

The Minister of National Defence, Mihnea Motoc, made an official visit to HQ Eurocorps in Strassbourg on Monday, September 26, when he met with Lieutenant General Alfredo Ramirez Fernandez, Commander of Eurocorps.

The two officials discussed the security situation in the extended Black Sea region, the potential role of Eurocorps in the developments deriving from European cooperation in defence and security matters, also the ways in which Romania could tap on the vast experience of Eurocorps, as relevant structure to both the EU and NATO and to the International Security Forces deployed in various theaters of operations over the last decades.

As for the geopolitical and security context in the Black Sea, defence minister Motoc emphasized the need to monitor the developments in the region, reiterating the attention given by Romania to the implementation of NATO Summit in Warsaw, with emphasis on achieving advanced NATO presence on the national territory and in the Black Sea.

Minister Motoc said he appreciated the way EUROCORPS command assisted the integration of the first two Romanian officers in the Command structure, after our country officially joined the organization in December 2015, as associated nation. The professional activity of the two officers was especially mentioned by General Ramirez Fernandez.

The EUROCORPS Commander is going to make an official visit in Romania at the invitation of the chief of General Staff, in the near future.

Later on Monday, Minister Mihnea Motoc was scheduled to attend an informal meeting of the EU defence ministers in Bratislava.


In December 2015, Romania became the fifth Eurocorps associated nation, along Poland, Italy, Greece and Turkey, along with the framework nations, France, Germany, Belgium Spain and Luxembourg.

Eurocorps is a standing multinational command and control organization that can be deployedon short notice for missions under the aegis of the European Union and NATO.

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