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Defence Minister Participates in the Counter-ISIS Defence Ministerial

The Minister of National Defence, Gabriel Leš participated in NATO Defence Ministers Meeting of the countries contributing to the Global Coalition to Counter-ISIS, organized within the Defence Ministerial in Brussels.

The member states expressed their political support for continuing Coalition actions in Iraq and Syria with a view to putting an end to the terrorist threats endangering the lives of millions in these countries and globally. The defence ministers highlighted the progress made in limiting the action capacity of ISIS / Daesh in the context of a firm support of the efforts to combat terrorism. The ministers looked at the future challenges of the security situation, with emphasis on the requirement to speed up military actions.

A major topic of the meeting referred to the measures meant to stabilize the region after the dissolution of ISIS/Daesh, especially in terms of reconstruction and humanitarian support. In this respect, the participants highlighted the important role of NATO and other international organizations that could make an important contribution to eliminating for good the ISIS / Daesh danger and ensuring the return of the region to a normal life.

Minister Leš reiterated Romania's support for international community actions aimed at stabilizing the situation in Syria and Iraq and combating global terrorism. In this context, he expressed Romania's commitment to participating in the Global Coalition effort with up to 50 instructors in 2017, who may be used for training and counseling Iraqi security forces.

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Actualizare: 17.11.2018