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Media Opportunities during Exercise Swift Response in Câmpia Turzii

Swift Response 17-1 (SR17-1), a support exercise of multinational exercise Saber Guardian 2017, is conducted in the area of the 71st “ General Emanoil Ionescu” Air Base, in Luna, Cluj County, over July 18 to 23.

The exercise includes also forces and equipment of the 143rd Infantry Regiment of Texas și and 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 800 Romanian Air Force troops and their equipment, MiG-21 LanceR, IAR-330 Socat, while the Romanian Land Forces participate with about 150 soldiers, amphybious armoured carriers and Gepard air-defence.

Media representatives are invited at the events scheduled for July 21 and 22 as follows:
- Friday, July 21, from 10.00 hrs., parachuting materials and equipment;
- Friday, July 21, from 23.00 hrs, parachuting over 500 American soldiers;
- Saturday, July 22, from 05.00 hrs., military operations.

The journalists accredited to this event through the accreditation procedure mentioned in the press release on the media events associated to SG17 (Press Release No. 176 of June 23) are expected at the gates of the air base between 09.00 and 09.30 hrs., on Friday, July 21 to watch parachuting of equipment and later, between 21.30 and 22.00 hrs., to watch parachuting of soldiers. Journalists will be able to watch the military operations conducted in the area of the 71st Air base, at 04.00 hrs., on Saturday, July 22.

The journalists not yet accredited can still do it by 18.00 hrs., on Thursday, July 20, by sending identification details at:
Person of contact Ms. Adela Mureșan, GSM : 0742.024.243.

* * *

SR17-1 is a joint multinational training exercise conducted annually by US Army Europe to develop the interoperability of the allied airborne forces.

SR17-1 is conducted over July 18 to 23 in several locations: Bezmer and Novo Selo Training Area in Bulgaria, Papa Air Base in Hungary, Cincu and Câmpia Turzii in România.

The exercise brings together about 3,600 troops of the airborne rapid reaction forces from nine NATO member countries, of which 3,000 are US troops.

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