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“King Ferdinand” frigate received its official name and was taken by the Romanian Navy within a ceremony organized in Victory berth in Portsmouth, today, September 9, 04 at 12.15 hours in the presence of Ion Iliescu, President of Romania and Romanian and British important political and military personalities.

This was the first Romanian important ceremony organized in a British port. After the receive of the Romanian President, Rear Admiral Gheorghe Marin chief of Navy Staff handed over the ship flag to Commander Sorin Learschi. The religious ceremony was officiated by Traian Chircu the orthodox priest of the Romanian Navy. The state hymn of Romania was tuned during the rise of the national flag by a British military band.

Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence stated:” It is an important moment because a projected launched two years ago is now materializing. Thus, we start to have the instruments necessary for an increased role within NATO because we will have the possibility to do much more then now in fulfilling the missions the alliance decided.”

The crew of the frigate is divided on four departments (logistics, operations, maintenance and electromagnetic) and consists of 203 men from the Navy Staff units, thus: 16 officers, 76 military foremen, 1 NCO and 110 contracting militaries. Their specialized training was developed in Romanian and British bases and on “King Ferdinand” board. The personal in the country improved their military training and learned English and in Portsmouth they had courses on help and rescue on the sea and a course on ship vitality. The specialized technical training ended by tests according to the British Royal Navy standards.

The frigate will continue its training on the sea in cooperation with the British part and in November will start the march back home. The arrival in Romania is planned for December 8, 04.

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