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Initiating the Purchase Procedure for Assigning the Framework Agreement on Supplying the Product “Multipurpose Corvette”

The Department for Armament initiated on Thursday, March the 1st, the specific procurement procedure for assigning the framework agreement on supplying the product "multipurpose corvette", as stipulated by the document HG nr. 48/2018 for the approval of the circumstances and the specific procedure pertaining to the Main Procurement Program “Multipurpose Corvette”.

The participation announcement and the documents on the assignment can be found on the website of the National Company Romtehnica SA, at

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The specific purchase procedure is competition-based and will be finalized by signing a framework agreement for the supply of products and services related to the Main Procurement Program “Multipurpose Corvette”.

After the entry into force of the first subsequent contract under the framework agreement, the first ship will be built and equipped in three years maximum, with the program to be completed with all four corvettes in seven years maximum.

The compensatory operations related to the subsequent contracts refer to the transfer of technology necessary for building, equipping and maintenance of the corvettes, the modernization of the T22R type frigates of the Romanian Naval Forces, the development of a training center for this category of forces respectively.

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